MW CONSULT has 20 years of experience and perspective in many areas of surgery.

This expertise and know-how unmatched in terms of technical knowledge and development, makes MW CONSULT one of the ideal marketing partner in the medical devices area.

Our expertise could guide you to make the right choice in accordance with the requirements of international regulations (EC) in the medical environment.

You would like to quickly promote a new medical device but the norms, the knowledge of hospital environment, the key opinion leaders in specific medical field, requires you to demonstrate the reliability and safety of your products. We could help you on a safe and reliable manner.

MW CONSULT allows you to significantly reduce the search time of reliable distribution partner and offers its experience and know-how in the operating theater trainings that has been acquired since 1995.


Always attentive, MW CONSULT ensures continuity with the introduction of innovative medical devices for multiple and varied applications.

We will find the ideal representative for your products by a thorough knowledge of the market; We will set up your distribution network, with a key objective: the cost effectiveness, stability and reliability.

Implanted in the operating theater, in major hospitals and by the help of medical partners we can create your “company image”, by developing your credibility with the surgeons and the hospitals.